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Get Familiar!

I was born on February 18, 2008, to an Italian Greyhound father and Terrier mother.

I think. I mean, I’m adopted. So.

Isn’t that crazy? That my previous jerk/sucker owners gave me up for adoption? Me! Adoption! (And let’s be serious, kids – “adoption” basically means “strangers who work for the city are eventually going to stick needles in you until you die”. We may be dogs and cats, but we’re not idiots.)

I mean, not to be a total dick about it, but I’m pretty great. This world would be wayyy less rad without me. So you’re welcome.

But hey, you didn’t come here for a dad lecture. You came here for biographical information! So here we go:

The handle’s Lionel. I kick it at Trinity Bellwoods on the regular. My interests include marking shrubs, stepping on Ms. P’s face while she’s sleeping, and yon scent of thine rump.

Any treats?


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  1. Sam Techner / Jul 10 2012 4:05 PM

    Lionel, you are an awesome pup (and quite the wordsmith).

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