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September 29, 2008 / lionelbean

Lionel Has Chosen

Many of you have you been writing in, asking what manner of treat keeps my eyes so brown and my beardliness so floofy. Would it surprise you to learn that it’s not, for once, all about the treats?

It’s…wait for it…the food!

(The silhouette’s a nice likeness, no?)

Yep. You read it here first. Lionel’s Choice. The ONLY dog food in the world worthy of being chosen by Lionel. And when I say “in the world” I mean “Lionel’s Choice is currently only available in South Africa”.

Now, I know what some of you must be thinking: “Lionel’s such a sellout! I used to trade rump-sniffings with him in the T-Bell, and now he rides around town in a diamond chariot pulled by pot-bellied zebras, chuckling a derisive chuckle at all the pups who don’t have lucrative sponsorship agreements with South Africa’s #1 ostrich/corn/beef tallow dry food.”

Guys. C’mon. It’s not like that. I just happened to find a product I believe in, which, really, is all anyone can possibly ask for. And if that means I take fewer walks and more diamond chariot rides, so be it. Just know that I’m the same Lionel you fell in love with 10 days ago.

Oh, and don’t forget to try my new Lionel’s Choice de-worming tablet. It’ll de-worm the shit out of you – literally!


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