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September 22, 2008 / lionelbean

Harvest Boon

So today’s the first day of fall, which reallllly gets my carrot wet, because fall = dead leaves on the dirty ground.

And dead leaves on the dirty ground = a city-wide cornucopia of treats! Crispy, leafy, dirty treats.

My absolute favourite thing to do with dead leaves is to gather a snoutful from the porch and crumble them on the duvet by way of paw and fang.

My second favourite thing to do with leaves is look upon them and reflect. It was Walt Whitman who wrote, “Grow up taller sweet leaves that I may see! grow up out of my breast!”, which I’ve always taken to be a benediction encouraging one to gorge thine tiny puppy stomach on Gaia’s bounty.

Which brings me to my third favourite leafy activity: Purging! Violently, and often.

And then walking in it.

It’s such a wonderful time of year! And yet, J seems less stoked than I am on the changing seasons… He’d probably be happier if he let himself enjoy the fruits of the soon-to-be slumbering branch, but I suppose leaf isn’t to everyone’s taste (though I can’t see how!).

Also: He’s not very well-read.


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